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An Interview With Mink CEO Grace Choi, Who’s Taking On The $55 Billion Beauty Industry With A 3D Makeup Printer

Amazing stuff!


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Though it was Vurb that took home the winning “Cup” from the Disrupt New York 2014 Startup Battlefield competition, there’s no question that Mink is the company that hit the biggest nerve this past week with a mainstreamaudience.

Mink, a personal 3D printer for making custom cosmetics, is such a strikingly clever yet simple idea, just like the greatest products and modern art — something that seems so simple that you wonder why you didn’t come up with it yourself. The Mink (which is currently in early prototype form) is a $300 device that will purportedly let anyone create completely customized makeup shades any time they want, from the comfort of his or her own home. In a world where an eyeshadow compact can cost anywhere from $5 to $78 a pop and color trends change each season, the Mink is a pretty disruptive thing.

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