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Sony Pictures claims copyright of Blender film Sintel

This is just a quick post, but I would like to stress the importance of open source material and defending the ideals of creative commons licensing. In a previous post about open sourcing, I mentioned a software program called Blender, which is a program where you can model and animate in 3D and easily rivals those like Maya and 3DS Max. They created a fully open sourced project and included all of its assets free for public use. That film was called Sintel, a fantasy drama involving a very cute dragon.


With corporatism gaining more of an iron fist on our daily lives, Sony Pictures took it upon themselves to use some of Sintel to advertise their 4K media. That’s fine for them to do that. It’s their prerogative. But they never credited the Blender community for that use and they even reported copyright infringement on the film on YouTube. It’s a new blow to the system and shows all of us that YouTube is using a “shoot first, ask later” policy. Definitely a sickening feeling.

Sintel has been reinstated now. Watch the film here:


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