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The Future of Learning a Language is Here!

Duolingo_banner“[We are] building a world with free education without language barriers.” -Duolingo

I have recently come across a new open source and free language learning site that just has me in awe and wonder to myself “Where has this been??”

Back in an earlier post found here I mentioned wanting to put Rosetta Stone out of business. I love languages. I love the challenge of syntax. I guess I am a linguist by hobby. I can read Greek, Cyrillic, Hangeul, Kana and of course the Latin alphabet. It doesn’t mean I understand what I’m reading though. I’ve been wanting to improve my language skills for so long but I don’t want to pay the extortionate prices that Rosetta Stone charges. So my goal was to teach myself how to code and get a website online to offer free language learning and tell Rosetta Stone to suck it. Well, it looks like Duolingo has beat me to it and I’m impressed. The website is amazing and as you learn, you progress through different levels, score points, compete against the clock and even translate documents which people can upload to get translated. Currently, only Read More…

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