Take Control of Energy

cool-energy-saving-bulbEnergy watchdog Ofgem chief warns of bill rises” -BBC

“Energy bill rises will outpace inflation next year, forecasters warn” -The Telegraph

“Energy prices: a political power play” -The Guardian

These are headlines that have been dominating the news every time we enter a new year. And every year, the general population are taken for as mugs. We sit stoically as we bitch and complain that gas and electric is going to go up and we are told to use less to keep the costs down. But why do we have to take it year upon year? The government doesn’t seem to have any interest in us when it comes to energy. Sure, the politicians and political parties have their pledges to import less energy and produce more green and sustainable energy on our own land. But what’s holding them back? It’s all down to the energy companies setting their own prices, unregulated by the government, and ensuring a very healthy profit to put in the pockets of energy CEOs all the while maintaining political power through expensive lobbying. There are several energy companies that are now competing with the status quo. Forgive me with this information, but I am in the United Kingdom and unable to provide information for other energy companies. But the status quo we have here in the UK is Southern Electric, Scottish Power, British Gas, EDF, Npower and others. If my suspicions were correct, I would’ve thought the companies have a cartel and are colluding with oil companies to maintain the power in the industry.

german-solar-housesSo what  can we do about it? Try switching to another energy supplier. There are many out there which are doing their best to get away from all the dirty energy from fossil fuels and moving to more green energy. Good Energy and Ecotricity are a couple of examples where they claim to use mostly renewable energy. The energy comes from wind farms and solar farms and more innovative projects such as tidal and wave power.

Graphene_from_gases_for_new_bendable_electronics_And if you want to make an even greater impact to energy use, why not build your own solar farm and solar thermal heating arrays or buy them with some government incentives (although the monetary incentives are being slashed). In Germany, more than half of the renewable energy is owed and produced by ordinary citizens. The technology is becoming more and more efficient everyday and the power you get from a solar panel today provides up to 10% more efficiency than it did 10 years ago. And with the newly discovered material called graphene (thanks to Nobel Prize winners Geim and Novoselov for using sticky tape to discover it), we will be able to embed graphene into glass and make them super conductive to make solar energy even more efficient.

sole-solar-power-generating-shinglesThe easiest way to provide energy to a home is to abandon the entire electrical grid as a whole and install the energy on homes themselves. All roofs can be replaced with photovoltaic shingles, wind powered turbines, and solar thermal heating to provide hot water. Husky City would have all of those provided on every building with the most efficient technology of the day. Upgrades will also always be in mind. If a newer and more efficient technology becomes available, the cells would be upgraded or replaced with the new cells and the old cells recycled to make more cells.


As I write this, there will be an exhibition at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London called “Ecobuild.” They gather the best innovators in the ecological community and sell their ideas of energy efficiency, carbon reducing technology, smart and efficient homes, and better ways of making life more enjoyable. Feel free to have a look. But it’s only on from the 5th of March 2013 – 7th of March 2013.

Here is a list of green energy suppliers you may be interested in:

Good Energy images
Ecotricity ecotricity_green
OVO Energy ovo_logo






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