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Take Control of Energy

cool-energy-saving-bulbEnergy watchdog Ofgem chief warns of bill rises” -BBC

“Energy bill rises will outpace inflation next year, forecasters warn” -The Telegraph

“Energy prices: a political power play” -The Guardian

These are headlines that have been dominating the news every time we enter a new year. And every year, the general population are taken for as mugs. We sit stoically as we bitch and complain that gas and electric is going to go up and we are told to use less to keep the costs down. But why do we have to take it year upon year? The government doesn’t seem to have any interest in us when it comes to energy. Sure, the politicians and political parties have their pledges to import less energy and produce more green and sustainable energy on our own land. But what’s holding them back? It’s all down to Read More…

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