Corporations are not people. People are corporations!

corporations-are-not-peopleIt is widely known that according to Mitt Romney, and many Republicans in the United States, the beliefs are that corporations are people. I highly doubt that. I haven’t come across a corporation that has its best interests in its customers or the people that use them. Their main goal is to make a profit and keep their investors happy. Why do you think Walmart and Primark and others use or have used child slave labour in China and other countries? It’s because corporations save money on paying very little for the work than to hire local. That’s the reason of outsourcing jobs abroad. The US isn’t the only ones guilty of it. The United Kingdom regularly uses India for its call centres and other countries for sweatshop activities. The pay, I’m sure, isn’t the best for those who work in such places and they work long and hard just to put food on their tables. All the while the corporations are getting fatter with money and greed.

It’s also bullying practices (from the likes of Monsanto), sneaky tax evaders (Starbucks), and pension robbers (Hostess) that are giving corporations bad names. How do we as consumers put up with that?

corporate_flagAs you can see, I am a bit of an anti-corporations kind of guy. The day they put people’s interests first will be the day I start reconsidering. But in a resource based economy, corporations are irrelevant. They are just not needed. What would a corporation contribute to in an RBE? If you got rid of the monetary incentive, the corporation would cease to function for profit. Instead, we would start seeing social enterprising and non-profit organisations working for humanity. We have many of those already and have for decades. We would recognise them as charities and other social enterprises.

The type of social enterprising that has caught my eye is crowd funding. The idea of crowd funding is that it gets rid of the banks, sharks (like ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘The Apprentice’) and corporations who usually invest in projects and puts it into the hands of the public. This in a sense empowers us to become “corporations.”

Crowd funding may still have a few glitches in the system such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo being ultimately run by Amazon, but it’s a step in the right direction. Projects can get the go ahead with public support and resources without the need of corporate bureaucracy and eventually this could lead to some sort of ‘direct democracy’ where the public get to vote for certain issues and projects.

Here are some of the crowd funding websites to get you thinking:

Kickstarter Kickstarter_Logo
IndieGoGo Fund1
RocketHub rockethub-logo
Gambitious for funding video games Gambitious-Logo
MedStartr for funding healthcare projects MedStartr
Peerbackers Peerbackers








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