Urban Planning

TED by Bjarke Ingels Group 00One of the biggest problems we face on the planet is finding the best and most efficient way of getting a city to work. Making sure the infrastructure is sound and working to its best abilities without much recourse to repairs. Now how would you set up such a city? An architect by the name of Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen has proven that sustainable architecture with beautiful designs are very practical, very beautiful and very doable. A housing complex such as the 8 House in Copenhagen has shown its beauty and intelligent design. A TED talk explaining his designs has given me much inspiration into writing the housing section for this blog.


Now the layout of the cities would ideally have a central hub and set up with ring roads around the hub Credit: TVPand having sections in rings around the city. Husky City would have this layout. For example, a research centre or city would have the research labs in a central point with a green belt ring surrounding it and then housing units. Either in tower block style or as individual homes.

I was looking around and it recently has come to my attention that many cities already have plans or had plans in the past to create a circular layout. The one that really comes to mind is Palmanova in Italy. Click here for more examples of beautiful layouts.

palmanova_1000pxAnd a great excerpt from Zeitigeist: Moving Forward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w&t=1h51m30s


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