Safer Cycling

ImageI came across a BBC article yesterday about getting more people to cycle and walk for short journeys. It’s all nice and great to think that. Of course it would make us healthier, extend our lifespan and protect the environment at the same time. But what are the reasons people aren’t cycling to work, school, etc? From the top comment, “I would love to cycle more but its just too dangerous. Last year in my home town a father of 4 was cycling to work when he was hit by a van. Now he’s dead. 4 kids fatherless! If he had been driving, it would likely have been a quick exchange of details and carry on with the day. We need more off road end to end cycle routes not a bit of paint down the side of the road.” This immediately reminded me of a time when I thought of traveling to work on a roller coaster. Now wouldn’t that be awesome! So I did some digging around and I came across something not too far off. A company called Shweeb aims to create a mass transit system involving cycling pods on monorails.

ImageWe have this technology and it’s cheap! And no one has taken the project seriously. This is definitely something all cities need to invest in. It’ll take many vehicles off the streets, reduce carbon emissions and best of all, it’ll promote a healthier population. Also, no need to worry about getting wet in the rain.



Here is a promo for the Shweeb system.


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