Redundancy of Most Logistics Companies and Postal Services

There was a time when I was a little kid in the early 1980’s and I remember walking in a grocery store and saw many tubes going to/from each cash register and saw the cashiers putting their money and receipts into a container and place it in a tube. They would close the hatch on the tube and then ZOOM!! The containers would fly up the tube and then across the whole ceiling to its destination. Now imagine if we did that on a grand scale. Imagine every home installed with a system (obviously with health and safety looked at) just as would any regular plumbing. And all of these tubes heading to a central depot somewhere. Each container can have a tracking chip placed in them with information such as destination and origin on it. Once they are screened at a depot, they are then sent off to their destinations. There would be no need for postmen, mailmen or drivers to transport small packets and letters anymore. Big packages could go from depot centres and screened and sent on a larger scale transport tube similar to an ET3 tube.

Imagine the possibilities with these tubes! Just in time to send your family a greeting card or small packet for the holidays.



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3 responses to “Redundancy of Most Logistics Companies and Postal Services”

  1. Chris J Davis says :

    I look forward to our Futurama-tastic world. 😉

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